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Before Marathi Letter Writing, ask yourself the following questions - they will help you choose the right language and the amount of information your readers need.

Describe your readers:
How much do your readers know about your topic?
What value do your readers have about your topic in their professional role?
What do your readers have to do with this topic?
What is the attitude of your readers (if any) toward you?
Imagine the circumstances in which your reader reads the letter (i.e. is he very busy? Traveling? Is there a lot of competition for what you want or offer?)
Based on the information above, consider the following:
How much information should your letter contain?
What style would you like to use (informal, formal, technical)?
should one appeal to reader values ​​or not?
Which lawsuits can succeed?
What exactly should readers do when they have finished the letter - add this to the last paragraph
When formatting a letter, keep the following in mind:
The first paragraph tells the reader about the contents of the letter
the second paragraph explains the request without being too verbose
explain the following paragraphs of the main text (if necessary)
one-sided letters are preferred over longer ones
the last paragraph usually contains a polite request
Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct before sending a letter

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