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Don't overlook this new mandate in the PBJ manual

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services inserted an important new requirement in the latest version of its Payroll-Based Journal manual. It's one of those innocent-looking provisions that are fairly easy to skim over.

Age Out Loud: Theme of 2017 Older Americans Month

Of course, as youth, the road of life stretches out way ahead with lots of time to think about old age and related issues at some later date. In the middle years the focus is on raising the family, obtaining the things you need and desire and working toward retirement.

The elderly and the disabled wait desperately, helplessly for care that isna t coming

Acute shortages of home health aides and nursing assistants are cropping up across the country, threatening care for people with serious disabilities and vulnerable older adults. In Wisconsin, nursing homes have denied admission to thousands of patients over the past year because they lack essential staff, according to associations of facilities that provide long-term care.

Authorities shocked by ugly nursing home discovery

A stunning new report on nursing homes in the United States makes some bold claims about what is happening to elderly people in the state of Ohio. A report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer claims that the agency that provides nursing home inspectors in Ohio who ensure that the elderly are getting proper care are understaffed by at least a dozen employees and have not been meeting federal guidelines.

About to Retire? Don't Underestimate This 1 Critical Thing

If you're close to retirement age, you have no doubt started thinking a lot about what you'll need to do when the magic date arrives. One area that many people don't think about enough is the cost of healthcare during their retirement years.


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