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Less than half of older hip fracture patients fully recover, study says

For older adults, a fractured hip is often life-changing: The majority will never return to their former levels of independence and physical activity, according to new research. "We all hope for full recovery, but less than half recover to their previous function after a hip fracture," said Dr. Victoria Tang, lead author of the study.

Need for long-term care beds not keeping up to election promises

A report by the Parkland Institute concludes the number of long-term care beds in Alberta has only increased 2.6 per cent since 2010. A report examining the number of Alberta long-term care beds set aside for seniors concludes the province is no further ahead under the NDP government than it was under the former Progressive Conservatives.

NAIC Long-Term Care Innovation Subgroup Public Hearing

At the NAIC Summer 2016 National Meeting, the Long-Term Care Innovation Subgroup held a public hearing as part of an initiative to address the challenges facing the private LTC market. With baby boomers retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day, and under 10 percent having any form of LTC coverage, the subgroup seeks to develop actionable, realistic policy options to increase take-up rates for private LTC insurance and create a stronger market by examining potential product modifications, reduction of regulatory barriers, and appropriate incentives.

Raise Money for Personal Bills on Crowdfunding Sites

Do you need money for unexpected medical and long-term-care expenses, funeral costs, or a local charitable endeavor? Maybe it's time to turn to one of a growing number of personal "crowdfunding" sites and ask the public for small donations. That's what Laura Van Noy did in July when her uncle, Kenneth Egbert, a builder from Riverton, Utah, was suffering from brain cancer.

Family expresses gratitude for mom's care

Sometimes a thank you card says so much more than just thank you. The Foster family were so grateful for the care, kindness and compassion their mother, June "Peggy" Foster received during her time at Mt.


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