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More Tips for Braille Display Users of iDevices

Here and Gone Flash 

Many people like and some people don't like flash warnings on braille displays. You open favourite app like ad here flash. One of the most common types of notifications are VoiceOver suggestions, which are largely irrelevant to those who only use a braille keyboard on braille displays. However, some of the information in the newsletters is very useful. For example, recognizing an invoice in LookTel Money Reader, seeing possible moves in the world of dice, and many other examples in many different applications. Whether you like these notifications fast or slow, you can customize them in iOS 9. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Braille > Braille notification duration and configure it from there. You can enter the amount in the corresponding text field or press  space  

to activate either subtraction or addition. These warnings cannot be turned off completely. Entering a value of 0 sets its minimum duration to 0.5 seconds. The warning can be displayed on the screen for a maximum of 20 seconds. Note that you can also see the list of recent messages by pressing the spacebar with the N key. You can read more about this in my previous article. 

So Many Options, So Many Elements 

While many applications allow you to scroll pages and move around the screen with keyboard commands, sometimes it's just faster to jump to something with a few direct keystrokes. In many applications, any item that can be activated with VoiceOver can be added to the list. This is called a head picker. Bring it up by pressing space bar and I (items 2-4) and you will see a list of available items. But before you get to that list, you have a search box where you can find what you're looking for. Then press  space  with  until you find it. You can go directly to that item by pressing the cursor arrow or space bar in steps 3-6. You can then press either the cursor directional button or the spacebar on keys 3-6 again to activate the currently targeted item. 

Target Picker Easier to manage on the web is a great way to quickly find targets in the app or in Safari. However, if you're looking for a specific text string, the selector won't help. To find something, say F on the web page (dots 1-2-4 ), type the text, then a space at dot 8. VoiceOver should jump directly to the first string of  text  on the web page. Interestingly, in apps it often seems to work only as a search field in the element selector, but in Safari, for example, the search function works quite well.

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