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When you were looking to sell on the amazon platform, one of the important things for the success of the brand is PPC ads. Sponsored Ads play a key role in getting the sales to your product initially when you launch the product until or unless you generate organic traffic from external sources or via ranking in the amazon search algorithm.

The major things to look at the PPC ads are two metrics ACOS and ROAS. ACOS is the advertising costs which you have spent out of 100%, if the ACOS is 20%, it means that you made 5 sales out of 100. While ROAS will tell about the return on your advertising budget, if ROAS is 3.5, it means that you made 350% ROI on your campaigns which makes it a very good one in terms of advertising campaigns on amazon.

As per the amazon PPC agency which manages more than $million ad budget monthly for it's client, it is crucial to have both broad and exact match campaigns in your sponsored products campaigns to see the success. The broad campaigns will help to discover new keywords, while the exact campaigns will help to improve your ACOS and thus in turn ROAS.

While advertising using the sponsored display ads, it is always suggested to target conversion rather than the traffic to the listing. The conversion targeted ads will help to boost the sales than compared to the traffic to the listing. Sponsored brands is another type of advertising which is available for brands to advertise their products and you can get ad at the top header section of the amazon search bar front page, it will help to drive traffic as well improve the brand awareness among the audience.

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